Sunday, January 29, 2012

Is It Too Late To Start The Year?

What's that you say? I'm a month late. January is almost over. Yes, yes I know, but allow me to explain. This year started out as a total bust. It went down without ever having the chance to be up. Contrary to what that may imply for some, I'm determined to bring it back. This is the year of the dragon. And guess who just happens to be a dragon? That's right, me! So while you all are starting to forget/ quitting your new year's resolutions, this dragon is just getting hers all together. Let's go back about a year. 2011 is what I'm now referring to as the "transition period." It marked a lot of changes for me. I started a new job, watched friends get married & pregnant, interviewed for a MAJOR dream job (and didn't get said job), scaled back on work that I love, took some design classes, switched work out routines (also major), traveled, and reached year goals. The year didn't turn out exactly how I planned, and, honestly, I'm not even sure how I'd hoped it would turn out anymore. I do know that it turned out how I needed it to. All the things that happened throughout the year good and bad, I accepted them and learned from them. I made big changes to lead my life in the way I wanted it to go and I plan on continuing that through the new year. So as I finish this cliched new year post, I'm not going to give you my resolutions (yet) or proclaim this to be "the year of GG." (I know I already said it's the year of the dragon, but that's according to the chinese new year. Take it up with them. I just happen to fit the description.) In fact, I will only claim it to be transition year, part 2.

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